Vanguard Predictive Planning™ for Workforce

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The lifeblood of any organization is its workforce. Optimal workforce planning involves a continual process to align the needs of the organization not only today, but also tomorrow, to ensure it can meet service, production, and organizational objectives. Vanguard Predictive Planning combines state-of-the-art predictive capabilities to determine the future needs of the workforce, with market-leading abilities to identify capacity constraints and determine optimized recommendations.

Through unified planning with Vanguard Predictive Planning, workforce planning is truly integrated with all lines of business. Detailed headcount and compensation costs are natively linked to the financial plan. If a change is made to a division’s headcount, the finance team can see the impact in real-time. Leveraging pre-built templates, organizations can reduce hours of wasted labor calculating salaries, bonuses, benefits, and other compensation. With Vanguard Predictive Planning, all of these activities can be modeled and forecasted instantly.

True IBP

Vanguard Predictive Planning, an Integrated Business Planning (IBP) platform, puts HR management at the virtual hub of the enterprise for 360-degree coordination with diverse teams and departments. Whether you’re trying to mobilize people or measure practices and plans, Vanguard Predictive Planning widens the gap between the well-coordinated enterprise and those anxiously awaiting surprise.

Client Results

“Billions [of dollars] in operating margin and trillions in market capitalization separate supply chain winners from losers,” according to AMR Research. With Vanguard Predictive Planning™, best-in-class planners see:


Reduction in inventory


Increase in perfect-order fulfillment (complete, accurate, and on time)


Shorter cash-to-cash cycle times


Fewer stock-outs than competitors