Vanguard Optimization Add-on

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Allocate Resources Most Efficiently

Vanguard Optimization gives you the ability to perform:

  • Linear Program (LP) optimization
  • Integer Program (IP) optimization
  • Nonlinear, single-value optimization
  • Stochastic optimization

At the core of Vanguard Optimization is the Stochastic Optimizer, a simulation tool that takes the iterative Monte Carlo process a step further, finding and flagging the best inputs to the most complex models. Stochastic Optimizer is uniquely dynamic for two reasons: it is free of the model-characteristic requirements (linearity, discontinuity) that restrict most other optimization tools and it plugs directly into grid-computing setups, allowing you to allocate spare desktop capacity to enormously complex calculations. These attributes are critical to tackling the toughest resource allocation problems, such as choosing the right product mix to maximize profit given limited raw materials and resources.

Lastly, Vanguard Optimization functions are modular. Each model can run as a single component in a more complete analysis. Other features include:

  • Automated data import and structuring
  • Optimization
  • Export data back to business systems

NOTE: Vanguard LP/IP optimization routines support unlimited variables and constraints.

Automate Your Supply Chain Planning

With Vanguard Predictive Planning™, most of the supply chain planning process can be automated through artificial intelligence, prescriptive analytics, a robust rules engine and extensive workflow.

Planners are left to make potential overrides and provide oversight for exceptions.  Through a unified IBP platform, organizations can now understand true end to end implications of any sales forecast or demand change real time.

Client Results

“Billions [of dollars] in operating margin and trillions in market capitalization separate supply chain winners from losers,” according to AMR Research. With Vanguard Predictive Planning™, best-in-class planners see:


Reduction in inventory


Increase in perfect-order fulfillment (complete, accurate, and on time)


Shorter cash-to-cash cycle times


Fewer stock-outs than competitors