Meet Vanguard Predictive Planning: Collaboration Hub

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A Q&A series with the cloud IBP platform, powered by probabilistic forecasting

Today’s Topic: Collaboration Hub

Beginning with last week’s Q&A about how Vanguard achieves unified planning across previously siloed organization, we will continue today discussing the core values that make Vanguard Predictive Planning a state-of-the-art cloud IBP platform.

Let’s discuss Collaboration…

Last week I talked about being a unified platform who lives in the cloud and can bring together formerly disparate data to enable end-to-end visibility and alignment across departments. This leads directly into the next value that I hold dear: Collaboration. Once all input data is gathered and fed into my unified database, I will allow planning teams to talk to one another in real time via my Collaboration Hub. Users can add notes and attachments, send messages, set alerts and notifications, and more, at any level in Vanguard, from a record to a dashboard. You can tag relevant people (@bill_anderson) and they are alerted. You can use hashtags (#BlueZone) to facilitate search for internal projects, specific products, and more.

Best-practice note: Develop naming conventions to ensure hashtags work as intended.

How is this functionality typically used by customers?

Depending on the role of the particular user, they might use my Collaboration Hub in a variety of ways. Demand Planners typically utilize my collaborative nature to build a more accurate forecast, one built by consensus demand planning. The Collaboration Hub allows users from across departments and across the globe to give input into the forecasts in real time, ensuring the final result is an accurate depiction of the company’s overall knowledge combined with advanced statistical analysis.

Folks on the supply side might find very different usage for the Collaboration Hub. For instance, changes in purchasing decisions might be coded into the Hub in order to avoid later confusion. Collaboration Hub can also be opened up to external parties – like suppliers – to further extend the digital reach and knowledge base of the planning teams.

In any case, my Collaboration Hub has proven to enable better forecasting accuracy and planning ability across all sizes of companies.