The Official Planning System of Record, Differentiation, and Innovation

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Planning System of Record

Supply chain performance relies on forward-thinking Supply Chain Planning (SCP) and business forecasting, a coveted place where executives can solve for future problems – today. Supply Chain Planning maturity is an evolution that typically begins with an inwardly-focused, push-production strategy; and morphs into a responsive, integrated, and demand-driven supply chain with the right investment and process-goal alignment.

A Unified Planning System

While each department may need their own plan for various reasons, integrating plans on a unified platform, and forming a Planning System of Record (SOR), will allow for the application of advanced analytics, predicting future scenarios and prescribing optimal actions. In a unified Planning SOR, we can feed that analysis back into the process, optimizing plans in real time. But all of that innovation and automation relies on a system that is unified end-to-end, one that supports a single view of the truth, regardless of departmental input.

Vanguard will:

  • Integrate and synchronize previously siloed plans across functions/departments
  • Enable a single version of the truth
  • Allow cloud-based creation, collaboration, management, and visualization of plans in real time
  • Provide end-to-end visibility and alignment across your organization
  • Optimize plans in real time with predictive and prescriptive analytics

Differentiated processes, innovative insights

Another marker of SCP maturity is the native support of industry-specific processes in the integrated planning system. Such process, all supported by Vanguard, include:

With configurable workflows, Sales & Operations planning is more intuitive than ever. This real-time aspect of Vanguard Predictive Planning allows organizations to balance demand with supply and capacity, evaluate probabilistic-based plans with tradeoffs, and track performance in one place.

Optimize inventory strategies across the entire network with true Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization. Model outcomes utilizing different inventory strategies to see which will produce the optimal result (clients see inventory reductions of 10-30%). Increase service levels while cutting inventory by automating the inventory planning process.

Leveraging powerful advanced analytics forecasting on a unified, cloud-based platform will improve foresight and strengthen reaction power, meaning that you are better able to sense upcoming demand, react to it, and shape it to achieve business goals.

Deploying a supply chain planning solution like Vanguard as an SCP System of Record, Differentiation, and Innovation will place key knowledge in the hands of decision-makers, empowering them to shape future outcomes.  Rising to the occasion is a planning solution that can integrate previously siloed plans, differentiate processes, predict the future, and prescribe the best courses of action.