Maximizing Collaborative Supply Chain Planning Capabilities

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While technology plays an integral role in supply chain planning, the human element is certainly relevant in decision-making. The convenience of demand planning software has created an environment in which supply chain executives can allow the system to make decisions and recommendations, greatly reducing their time needed. Additionally, state-of-the-art platforms like Vanguard Predictive Planning and its collaboration capabilities seamlessly enable users to engage with all organizational levels for heightened efficiency. By utilizing a real-time, cloud-based, mesh-network platform, communication between departments and contribution to the overall company forecasting is accelerated. Procurement decisions are executed more systematically by reviewing the recommendations that the platform generates. All of this plays a role in collaborative supply chain planning.

Optimized inventories

With advanced inventory optimization, organizations have less to do to ensure the right products are at the right locations. What happens if someone wants to transfer products from one location to another? How do system users communicate? Leading supply chain planning platforms, like Vanguard Predictive Planning, enable such collaboration and efficiencies.

Vanguard Predictive Planning includes a built-in collaboration hub that:

  • Alerts users to important messages
  • Allows for broadcast notifications
  • Lets users take immediate action (like generating a new order)

Market-leading platforms foster an atmosphere of well-informed departmental team members and support their ability to work together. Supply chain planning software that supports inventory optimization reduces human error while allowing personal insight and knowledge for making necessary adjustments for inventory levels.

Workforce planning

Vanguard Predictive Planning encompasses all facets of resource planning, including workforce planning. Many supply chain planning solutions fall short when it comes to workforce and capacity planning. This is a key component and issue for many supply chains. The integration of demand plans with capacity and workforce plans is a requirement, not a nice to have. Further, enabling users to collaborate in real time to identify the optimal what-if plan enables breakthrough performance.


Deciding between supply chain software vendors is difficult without the proper information. In collaborative supply chain planning, selecting a company that has secured respected clients is a good measure of how well their products will perform for you. Vanguard Software has partnered with well-known brands such as Adore MeNixonLenoxChainalyticsRadius Systems, and BuyAutoParts. But this is not the only reason to select a vendor.

Vanguard Software has been recognized as one of the top supply chain software companies by Nucleus Research, and named a leader in inventory optimization. Resellers, including NexInfo and Tema Consulting, have eagerly joined forces with Vanguard to offer clients a best-of-breed solution. Vanguard Software has united with similar organizations to increase the implementation of Vanguard Predictive Planning in a variety of industries. Again, this is not the only reason to select a vendor.

Vanguard stimulates connectivity and teamwork throughout every component of the supply chain forecasting and planning cycle. The software is user-friendly, the dashboard is easy to navigate, and the reports are straightforward. The platform brings to bear the most consumable analytics on the market. It is one of the few truly integrated supply chain planning platforms that leverages a single data model. It is the only true IBP platform in the supply chain space.

Vanguard Predictive Planning is being selected time and time again by your peers and market leaders. Are you ready for predictive planning?