Heads-Up Planning

Line Art

Heads-down planning is an oxymoron. If you find yourself reviewing, tweaking, and micro-managing SKU-level forecast details before heading into a monthly planning meeting, you are not being as strategic as you could be. This is where heads-up planning is vital.

Strategic Planning, be it short- or long-term, is a function best performed with a higher vantage point than execution. Planning doesn’t exist in the weeds. It relies on knowledge, visibility, and data flexibility – attributes not typically available “in the weeds.”

Strategic planning around thousands of SKUs requires a unified data model; it requires machine learning algorithms for process automation. These capabilities aren’t niceties. Manually-derived plans, even when based on the best statistical models, will be outdated as soon as they are created; they become defunct with every moment (and transaction) that passes.

For these reasons, we urge leaders to rise above the minutia of single forecast review sessions. We ask that you find a forecasting and planning software you can trust to automate as much of the data gathering, analysis, and routine decision-making as possible. Heads-up planning allows a planning system to perform previously manual tasks opens the door for planners (and others who plan) to rise above the minutia, gain higher-level visibility, and make better-informed, profitable decisions for the future of the business.

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