An Agile Supply Chain Is Digitized, Seamless, and Efficient

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As innovative and inventive as humans can be, we also have the habit of always getting in our own way. Whether it’s simply a part of human nature or the inability to let our creations go, this digitized world would run much more smoothly if we allowed technology to take the lead in places where it can add extraordinary value and efficiency. Take the modern, agile supply chain as an example. Advancements in AI-based platforms, , and IoT can create a forward-looking, agile logistics network that can pivot on a dime, identify issues before they even arise, and take the guesswork out of inventory management and distribution. Despite these marvels of technology, the modern supply chain is still riddled with information silos and communication gaps that negate much of the benefits derived from logistics technology in the first place.

A digitized, highly segmented consumer base with interests as varied as the sky is blue (with an increasing expectation for immediacy) demands a wholly streamlined, agile supply chain that removes human-based inefficiencies from the equation. With over two decades of experience and honed expertise in the industry, however, Vanguard Software knows the marketplace isn’t nearly as far from reaching it’s logistics potential as it might seem. In fact, just a handful of changes could make all the difference between a digital economy that grows in spite of itself, and one that truly thrives.

Give automation the keys

An agile supply chain is the sum of many parts; different vendors, distributors, manufacturers, and retailers must work in unison for those many parts to work cohesively. Of course, that’s easier said than done given splintered technologies, legacy platforms, aging equipment and, perhaps most importantly, that previously mentioned penchant for humans to get in the way.

Automating the processes involved in modern logistics is a critical first step in alleviating these issues. Automated platforms that function under human guidance can streamline the entire process from end to end, even utilizing IoT sensors, algorithmic computing, and AI to create a seamless supply chain that always has access to immediate information and can quickly make decisions and necessary changes without delay or bureaucracy.

A digitized agile supply chain future

Using Vanguard’s IBP for Supply Chain solution as an example, a fully collaborative platform that integrates advanced forecasting models with the instantaneous communication and information provided by cloud computing removes information silos from the process. Humans are no longer inevitable barriers to efficiency as automated processes work both smarter and faster than even the most brilliant and experienced logistics teams.

Looking down the road, such advancements will finally supply logistics with the revolutionary changes that technology has been building towards for decades. Everything from the machinery on production lines to the delivery trucks, scan movements from retailers to in consumer affinities will integrate into the process and flow of information. The supply chain and ultimately the marketplace itself, both have a brighter, more efficient future ahead thanks to automation and digital agile supply chain technology.