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Are you solving the symptom or the problem?

Demand forecast accuracy is the foundation of effective supply planning

When selecting supply planning software, it is crucial to understand the importance of forecasting relative to other system features. It is common to focus on addressing issues such as transferring stock between warehouses to mitigate imbalances, prioritizing customer orders in a stockout situation, managing expedited deliveries, and squeezing more stock into limited warehouse space. While these activities are important, they are artifacts of inaccurate forecasts (the true underlying problem). Get the forecast wrong, and it doesn’t matter how well you execute all of the downstream activities; you will still encounter stockouts, bloated inventories, product obsolescence, and a host of other problems.

    "Vanguard Software was able to improve our forecast accuracy by over 50%!"

    VP of Supply Chain, Global Pharmaceutical Company

    Platform Features

    Collaboration Hub

    Social media-style communication feed allows users to collaborate across teams - even tag objects and people.

    Mesh Network

    Fast and reliable data transfer ensures you are never slowed down by your network.

    Monte Carlo Simulation

    Compare hundreds of scenarios in seconds. Generate forecasts with higher confidence levels and superior risk transparency.

    Consumable Analytics

    Gain visibility and foresight with our easy-to-read consumable analytics. Let our AI engine recommend next steps to ensure best practices.

    In-memory sandbox

    Play with what-if scenarios in-memory. Feel confident about your next steps before committing plans to the database.

    Object-Oriented Database

    Real-world modeling, flexibility, and reliability are just a few of the benefits of an object-oriented database.

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