Demand Planning & Forecasting for CPG

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Vanguard Predictive Planning helps consumer packaged goods companies face industry challenges

New competitors, new regulations, new channels, omni-channel sales and fulfillment, and the marketplace repercussions of social media have created an unforgiving and ever-changing business environment for consumer packaged goods companies (CPG). Amazon, Walmart, Target, and a select few others dominate brick-and-mortar and online distribution. Large volumes of sales generated through such relatively few channel partners requires accurate forecasting and effective planning and execution.

Additional industry challenges include:

  • Product maturity (slower growth)
  • Global competition, including piracy
  • Stagnant wages, which affect consumer spending
  • Heightened consumer awareness (price competition)
  • Limited shelf space

"Vanguard Software was able to improve our forecast accuracy by over 50%!"

VP of Supply Chain, Global Pharmaceutical Company

Platform Features

CPG industry sheet 1

Collaboration Hub

Social media style communication feed allows users to collaborate across teams, even tag objects and people.

CPG industry sheet 2

Mesh Network

Fast and reliable data transfer ensures you are never slowed down by your network.

CPG industry sheet 3

Monte Carlo Simulation

Compare hundreds of scenarios in seconds. Generate forecasts with higher confidence levels and superior visibility into risk.

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Consumable Analytics

Gain visilibity and foresight with our easy to read, consumable analytics. Let our AI engine recommend next steps to ensure best practices.

CPG industry sheet 5

In-memory sandbox

Play with what-if scenarios in-memory. Feel confident about your next steps before committing plans back to the database.

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Object-Oriented Database

Real-world modeling, flexibility and reliability are just a few of the benefits of an object-oriented database.


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