Bring unparalleled efficiencies and cost savings to your MEIO and supply planning with Vanguard.

Vanguard Predictive Planning™

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End-to-end Inventory Management Software

Supply Planning with Vanguard Predictive Planning™ uses multi-echelon inventory optimization to align demand, supply, and operations decisions so that you become more efficient while reducing storage and services costs.

We Solve Inventory Management Challenges

  • Stock Outs? Optimize inventory strategies across every network with inventory alerts.
  • Inaccurate Lead Times? Ensure windows aren’t too long or too short with advanced probabilistic planning.
  • Limited Visibility? View products from raw materials demand to production with Vanguard’s end-to-end capabilities.
  • Lack of Omnichannel Optimization? Achieve ideal inventory levels across your distribution network with multi-echelon inventory optimization.

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