Sales Forecast Software

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Capacity planning should be a strategic process, not only identifying capacity at each production site, but utilizing your resources holistically to meet customer demand in the most efficient way possible. Vanguard Predictive Planning™’s sales forecast software enables:

  • Rough cut capacity planning
  • Support for an unlimited number of constraints
  • Configurable workflows
  • Exception management
  • Expansive stress testing
  • What-if modeling
  • Better short, mid, and long-term planning

Vanguard enables sales, demand, supply, and operations departments to use a single source of truth, which is dynamically updated when scenarios are planned, data is added, and events occur. The impact of any action may be assessed across departments to improve outcomes at every business level.

Workflows save departments time and include alerts that prevent one event from having an outsized effect, such as out-of-stocks or incorrect supply quantities. The automated features also integrate with data sources, freeing planners to work on strategic efforts and goals, rather than manually updating spreadsheets or offline plans.

Vanguard’s AI Engine offers best-in-class sales forecast software that seamlessly connects every sale with demand and procurement planners, enabling business to increase lead times, reduce shipping costs, prevent out-of-stocks, take advantage of spikes in demand, and many other benefits. Accurate sales forecast software increases revenue while improving the relationships between departments.

Vanguard customers find the gain in accuracy realized with a cloud-native, collaborative, unified sales forecast software allows them to be prepared for unexpected surges in demand. With better, immediate communication between sales planners and the demand or procurement planners, any blindness to incoming orders is removed. Other customers have been able to increase lead times, by having more advanced notice for sales, allowing them to use bulk shipments, less expensive forms of freight, and other transportation that is less expensive than express air.

Take a look at our Customers page to read about how Vanguard has helped many customers bridge the gaps between Sales and Demand planning with better sales forecast software.