Production Planning

End-to-End Insight Improves Production Planning

Vanguard Predictive Planning™ aligns demand, supply, and financial forecasts with ERP, BOM, and other data to reduce out-of-stocks, optimize production planning, and identify risks in your capacity planning.

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Fully Aligned Production Planning

Bring in data from any ERP system, ingest BOMs, POs, and files via SFTP, and align with your manufacturing and operations systems for seamless, secure data exchange.

Leverage cross-department insights and proprietary knowledge as you share, tag, and comment on capacity plans.

Transform days-long projects into minutes of automated calculations, each designed according to your production planning needs.

Get the speed, security, and performance of the cloud, enabling production planning at scale.

Bring unparalleled efficiencies and cost savings to your MEIO and supply planning with Vanguard.
AI in Supply Chain Planning with Vanguard gives you forecast certainty and impact analysis across your supply chain solutions.
Predictive Planning UI from Vanguard Software improves forecasting accuracy and performance
Demand Planning Software with Vanguard Predictive Planning™ analyzes more data and delivers resilient forecasts with more certainty.

Hear from Our Customers

“By leveraging Vanguard, we were able to make sure we had the right inventory available to absorb abnormal spikes in demand, as well as being able to quickly adjust plans appropriately.”

“Vanguard Software allowed for a manageable database of our ever-expanding catalog of products. And we know right away if there is a supply disruption in the market. The results are consistently more accurate forecasts…[which] lead directly to a better bottom line for our business.”

"The reason I chose Vanguard was the quality of the pre-sales support and assistance in setting up a proof of concept with our actual data. While functionality was similar between all the choices your team and immediate sales support are what closed the deal."

“Our team selected Vanguard Software because we believe they are the best solution for our current demand planning needs and future supply planning needs.”

"Vanguard has enabled Skullcandy to be more automated and calculated with our Demand Planning. The usability and thorough on-boarding and configuration process offered by Vanguard enabled us to completely migrate from our historical software very quickly."

"Vanguard Predictive Planning™ has exceeded our expectations from the start. The implementation project ran smoothly and the system provides real benefit through workflow efficiency and forecast accuracy."

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