Vanguard Software Strengthens Unified Forecasting and Planning Platform with Multilingual Operability

The company’s flagship Integrated Business Planning platform, Vanguard IBP, now supports 104 languages – Afrikaans to Zulu – in a single version.

Cary, N.C. February 7, 2017 – Vanguard Software today announced that Vanguard IBP now supports 104 languages, solidifying its position as the preeminent unified planning platform for multinational and multilingual organizations.

The announcement comes on the heels of a separate global platform upgrade. In October, Vanguard Software expanded its cloud network to now include five data centers in Frankfurt, Sydney, Oregon, Virginia, and North Carolina. That investment raised the speed and reliability of Vanguard IBP for customers worldwide. The language support feature complements it with built-in support for workforces worldwide. In addition to language selection, Vanguard IBP switches seamlessly between unit measures and national currencies.

“This is nothing less than a concerted effort to deliver a truly unified global system with the best collaboration capabilities on the market,” said Vanguard Software CEO Rob Suggs.

He said the combined features let users anywhere in the world collaborate on forecasts and plans in real-time, crossing multiple currencies, languages, browsers, devices, unit measures, and reporting standards. All the while, the system is optimizing data processing based on users’ locations, and on regional and global web-usage patterns.

“For a single customer, we’re synthesizing disparate inputs in real-time for dozens, sometimes hundreds of simultaneous users worldwide,” said Suggs.

Unlike other systems, Vanguard IBP delivers all interoperability (language, currency, units, etc.) in a single version, letting users worldwide meet local, regional, or consolidated reporting requirements in a single system while working in their own languages and currencies. For example, there may be one set of users working in a French user interface, another in Spanish, and a third consolidating and viewing the combined inputs in English.

“Our ability to deploy a single system that operates in any of 104 languages at the click of a button adds tremendous value to our customer,” Suggs said. “This is even more critical now as we continue to expand across Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.”

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