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Supply Chain Case Study: Charles River

Charles River reduces out of stocks by 65% with Vanguard Predictive Planning™

The Microbial Solutions division of Charles River enlisted Vanguard Software and Services to help them reduce manual planning, improve forecast accuracy, and enable end-to-end visibility.


  • 84% decrease in backorders
  • 68% decrease in backorder days
  • 86% decrease in number of items on backorder

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What our Customers Have to Say

“Vanguard Software allowed for a manageable database of our ever-expanding catalog of products. And we know right away if there is a supply disruption in the market. The results are consistently more accurate forecasts…[which] lead directly to a better bottom line for our business.”

“We are making strategic decisions that have long-term impacts on our business. Without Vanguard, we would not have the visibility and analysis we need to make the right decisions.”

"Vanguard Predictive Planning™ has exceeded our expectations from the start. The implementation project ran smoothly and the system provides real benefit through workflow efficiency and forecast accuracy."

“From the first time we loaded our data into Vanguard, we’ve been happy with the results. Between heightening our understanding of sales cycle curves, the immense flexibility and responsiveness of the platform, and providing a single view of all items.”

“One vendor stood head and shoulders above the others through the process – Vanguard Software. Vanguard consistently worked harder and provided more tangible, high-quality data and answers to questions than any other competitor.”

"Vanguard is a premier forecasting tool for businesses of all sizes. The data flexibility, reporting tools, continuous support is why we chose Vanguard over other software solutions."

“Our team selected Vanguard Software because we believe they are the best solution for our current demand planning needs and future supply planning needs.”

“You can imagine how crazy things can get for a company in the Food, Medical, and Retail packaging industry during a global pandemic. Three completely different markets with three completely different response curves. Vanguard’s great user interface and sophisticated forecast models left us feeling confident about our projections. We were able to detect signal changes at different levels of detail and react accordingly. Top-down adjustments were quick. We could adjust our plan in minutes while incorporating input from internal experts. Most importantly, the toolset in Vanguard allowed us to trim or ignore months of abnormal buying patterns. Early months of the pandemic would have been a lingering nightmare for years until the bias was scrubbed from our sales history. We would have been in a world of hurt trying to navigate this situation with our old software system.”

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