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Vanguard Aligns AI and Supply Chain Planning

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AI and Supply Chain Analytics

Vanguard Advanced Analytics raises enterprise strategy and decision-making with innovative AI and supply chain technologies. Powerful modeling and simulation tools plus collaborative workflow design bring expert capability to knowledge workers across the enterprise.

With Vanguard Advanced Analytics, you can:

Vanguard Advanced Analytics applies an exhaustive range of time-series and model-based methods not only to capture and extrapolate historical patterns, but also to simulate and compare innumerable outcomes from seemingly unprecedented events and circumstances. These can include product launches, proposed changes to business plans, or long-range capital and investment decisions with effects that will span an entire product life-cycle, or even generations of products.

What Our Clients Have to Say

"Vanguard is a premier forecasting tool for businesses of all sizes. The data flexibility, reporting tools, continuous support is why we chose Vanguard over other software solutions."

“We are making strategic decisions that have long-term impacts on our business. Without Vanguard, we would not have the visibility and analysis we need to make the right decisions.”

“Our team selected Vanguard Software because we believe they are the best solution for our current demand planning needs and future supply planning needs.”

“By leveraging Vanguard, we were able to make sure we had the right inventory available to absorb abnormal spikes in demand, as well as being able to quickly adjust plans appropriately.”

"The reason I chose Vanguard was the quality of the pre-sales support and assistance in setting up a proof of concept with our actual data. While functionality was similar between all the choices your team and immediate sales support are what closed the deal."

"Vanguard Predictive Planning™ has exceeded our expectations from the start. The implementation project ran smoothly and the system provides real benefit through workflow efficiency and forecast accuracy."

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What sets Vanguard's AI and Supply Chain Analytics apart

Companies reach peak performance when sales, operations, and finance teams work together to forecast and plan their business. Vanguard’s Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) capabilities help finance teams bring together forecasts and plans from other departments, reconcile gaps between plans, and build consensus.