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"The planning needs of our mid-market customers are no less trivial than those of our Fortune 1000 customers, and Vanguard enables us to meet these challenges with scalable solutions that can be delivered at attractive price points."

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“Any company seeking a user friendly, flexible, easy-to-implement and maintain S&OP solution should strongly consider Vanguard Predictive Planning.” 

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"We recently led a comprehensive S&OP vendor evaluation project for our client, and Vanguard was the best choice."

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"The Vanguard platform brings unsurpassed ease of use and configurability with ground breaking in memory computing to our Australian customers."

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"We only partner with outside vendors when we’re confident they’re capabilities uniquely match our customers’ needs and compliment our existing offerings. Vanguard fits that bill perfectly."

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"Our clients value the scalability, flexibility, and visibility within Vanguard’s cloud-based IBP platform."

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Partner e-Book: Endeavour and Vanguard

Endeavour & Vanguard e-Book

Striking the Right Balance: How to deliver your wholesale goods without depleting your working capital

Vanguard’s partner, Endeavour, produced this e-Book to illustrate the benefits of digital supply chain management using Vanguard Predictive Planning™ .

Companies often struggle to accurately meet customer demand while ensuring stock levels do not tie up cashflow. Add the uncertainty of seasonality, promotions, and supply chain disruptions, and efficient fulfillment becomes even more of a challenge.

With the right combination of services and agile software, companies can optimize both financial and customer outcomes with predictive planning across manufacturing and supply chain areas. Download your copy of the e-Book today and learn more about partnering with Vanguard.

One Forecast and Vanguard Software Partner for Bundaberg

One Forecast client Bundaberg Brewed Drinks needed to improve the efficiency of their supply chain operations and increase the accuracy of their forecasting.

One Forecast brought in Vanguard Predictive Planning to deliver sales and demand planning that delivered forecast certainty while reducing manual efforts.

Working together One Forecast and Vanguard ensured that Bundaberg achieved greater efficiency and actionable transparency across their supply chain planning.

"Vanguard Predictive Planning™ has exceeded our expectations from the start. The implementation project ran smoothly and the system provides real benefit through workflow efficiency and forecast accuracy."