Vanguard Welcomes Leading Global Snack and Soda Company

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Leading Global Snack and Soda Company will utilize Vanguard’s cloud-based Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) solution.

With origins dating back to the mid-1900s, this leading snack and soda company has evolved its products to keep up with preferences on changing tastes and lifestyles to stay ahead of the market, and also ensuring their products are conveniently located for their consumers.  Their willingness to adjust tactics has led them to become a globally recognized brand with products that are enjoyed worldwide.  With goals to salvage, repair, and refurbish snack machines to lengthen the lifespan of their equipment, they will use Vanguard’s cloud-based Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) solution to increase margins and save costs over time.

Planning Solutions for Snack and Soda Company

Vanguard’s MEIO Solution balances inventories across the entire distribution network to minimize stockouts while keeping service levels high. With an MEIO solution like Vanguard’s, you can expect to see inventory reductions of 10-30%, minimization in investment balance while achieving service levels, automation in the inventory planning process, and more.

Supply chain practitioners have identified MEIO as a top priority.  An Aberdeen Group report states that companies using MEIO are twice as likely to meet the challenge of balancing cost and service levels across their networks than companies not using MEIO. We can confidently say that through this, they will continue to provide high levels of service to their customers while reducing their own costs.

About Vanguard Software

Vanguard Software introduced its first product for decision support analysis in 1995. Today, companies across every major industry and more than 60 countries rely on the Vanguard Predictive Planning™ platform to reduce overstocks, optimize inventory distribution, reduce supply costs with an agile platform based on advanced algorithmic modeling. Based in Cary, North Carolina, Vanguard Software makes every supply chain more resilient through better forecasting, scheduling, and replenishment.