Winzer Case Study

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Winzer, a full-service spare parts distributor, needed an automated inventory optimization software that could accurately forecast demand.

Through a series of acquisitions, Winzer had multiplied its number of stocking warehouses across multiple locations. The company struggled to reduce safety stock while maintaining its 99 percent order fill rate goal.

Most of Winzers’s 165,000 plus SKUs experiences sporadic demand that could not be successfully forecast with the company’s in-house purchase recommendation system. To mitigate financial loss due to inaccuracy, Winzer carried $1.08 million in inventory with low turn. Lack of trust in the system spurred Winzer’s purchasing managers to review and adjust each forecast, often using assumptions that we inconsistent from manager to manager. Winzer estimated this process cost each manager two to three days per month. Limited reporting features added to the difficulty of managing inventory.

To reduce inventory and associated carrying costs, Winzer began looking for an automated inventory optimization software that could accurately forecast demand.

“One vendor stood head and shoulders above the others through the process – Vanguard Software. Vanguard Software consistently worked harder and provided more tangible, high-quality data and answers to questions than any other competitor” Jim Cafferty, Lead Evaluator, Winzer

After implementing Vanguard’s inventory optimization software solution, they saw:

  • 1350% return on invenstment achieved.
  • 99% decrease in safety stock while maintaining 99% order fill rate.
  • More than 9% decrease invitatory in the first five months

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