Striking the Right Balance: How to deliver your wholesale goods without depleting your working capital

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Vanguard’s partner, Endeavour, produced this eBook to illustrate the benefits of digital supply chain management using Vanguard Predictive Planning™ for businesses who want to grow their revenue through greater forecast accuracy, seamless collaboration, and reduced costs. 

Companies often struggle to accurately meet customer demand while ensuring stock levels do not tie up cashflow. Add the uncertainty of seasonality, promotions, and supply chain disruptions, and efficient fulfillment becomes even more of a challenge. 

With the right combination of services and agile software, companies can optimize both financial and customer outcomes with predictive planning across manufacturing and supply chain areas. 

Topics covered in the eBook:  

  • Demand Planning: The critical first step to an efficient and profitable supply chain
  • Forecasting Demand: Agility equals success. Too often companies do not put accurate, predictive demand forecasting into place. This is because:
      – Collaboration can be complicated
      – Disparate systems cause delays
      – External factors change purchase patterns
  • The Benefits of Automated Demand Forecasting
      – Increased supply chain visibility
      – Accurate and timely forecasting
      – Reduced running costs
  • Customer Case Studies:
    • Bundaberg Brewed Drinks
      • “Vanguard Predictive Planning has exceeded our expectation from the start. The implementation project ran smoothlyand the system provides real benefit through the efficiency and forecast accuracy.” – Andrew Perry, IBP Manager 
    • Boardwalk Frozen Treats
      • Improved forecast accuracy, reducing ingredient and finished good losses.

Traditionally, striking the right balance between stock availability and working capital has been a complex challenge faced by supply chain managers around the world. With an automated forecasting system, such as the Vanguard Predictive Planning™ system, wholesale distribution and manufacturing businesses have been given a more efficient, proactive and cost-effective tool to manage their supply chain planning processes. 

To learn more about how Endeavour partners with Vanguard Software to deliver high-performing, end-to-end supply chain planning systems, download your copy of this eBook today.