Vanguard Predictive Planning™ Mesh Network Overview

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Mesh Network

Not all cloud infrastructures are created equally. Some cloud infrastructures offer a single data center, which opens the system to failure in the event the data center goes down. Others might boast a small network of data centers, but backups are lagged, leading to version control issues. Vanguard’s global Mesh Network solves these problems with maximum speed, fail-safe perform ace, and a superior customer experience team to support it. Our network enables users to collaborate in real-time from anywhere around the globe. With strategically located global servers, Vanguard has eliminated the risk of single-point failure

Unlike most SaaS systems, which store data centrally, Vanguard has created a mesh network, in which each data center shares in the distribution of data across the network. If one data center goes down, the system reroutes affected users seamlessly to the next-most-optimal data center, where their data is already live.

“Our new system is designed for maximum speed, fail-safe performance, and a truly elevated customer experience,” said Rob Suggs, CEO of Vanguard Software. Vanguard’s Mesh Network not only ensures no-fail application performance, it enables business users worldwide to collaborate in real-time, regardless of which server or data center they’re using. “The technology we use to enable data centers around the world to work in concert, and to eliminate the possibility of single-point failure is unique to Vanguard and an achievement that I am very excited about,” said Suggs.

Since the Mesh Network has been live our end-users have never seen any downtime – not even for fixes or patches.

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