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Challenges in Supply Chain Management for Food and Beverage

Challenges in Supply Chain Management for Food and Beverage

The Top 9 Best Practices for Food & Beverage Manufacturers

The Food and Beverage industry faces many challenges in supply chain management. From Sales to Supply Chain, to Manufacturing to Finance, your teams are required to collaborate efficiently and plan effectively in order to grow their business profitably. Every day your teams deal with these challenges in supply chain management:

  • Waste due to expiration and spoilage
  • Constantly evolving product lines
  • Customer service issues
  • Uncertainty around promotions and significant eventsInventory shortages and surpluses
  • Networks of DCs, warehouses, plants, co-packers, and vendors
  • Lost revenue and lower margins due to unbalanced plans

Spreadsheet models lead to siloed planning efforts, multiple forecast versions, and a large quantity of labor hours spent formatting documents. Vanguard Software’s inventory optimization solutions provide prescriptive analytics to enable companies to unify plans around forecasting.

Our customers work on a collaborative cloud platform that provides the tools to optimize policies and decisions around selling (and delivering) vast arrays of SKUs. Most start their investment with forecast automation for improved accuracy. They want a system that lets them forecast by customer product line, SKU, or even distribution channel. From there, many also use the advanced modeling and simulation capabilities pre-built into the platform. In addition to channel management and optimization, these capabilities are essential to seasonal planning, market agility, sales growth, and profitability.

Our supply chain experts have put together the nine best practices for end-to-end planning so your company can start optimizing supply chain operations, minimizing waste, improving customer service, and maximizing profitability.Fill out the form to download the White Paper and learn about the nine best practices food and beverage manufacturers can use when facing challenges in the supply chain.

“Vanguard Software was able to improve our forecast accuracy by over 50%!”

VP of Supply Chain, Global Pharmaceutical Company