Top 20 Global Drug Developer

Pharma Forecast Automation

Drug Developer Achieves Forecast Automation and Optimized Research and Development Pipeline

Pharmaceutical research and development decision making is perhaps the most perplexing and high stakes responsibility in the modern enterprise. Drug developers make huge investments, some with 10-year development timelines, or more. They face extreme technical and regulatory uncertainty about these investments. Meanwhile, they must cross manage a vast portfolio of potential products at varying stages of development.

Drug development pipelines are massive risk portfolios dotted with a few hard to see, and harder to realize, opportunities for reward. This can frustrate even advanced portfolio management processes. It is impossible to know, for example, which will make it to market, fail to gain regulatory approval after years of investment, or never make it out of the discovery phase.

Despite these unknowns, the pressure to replenish pipelines with high-potential future revenues is relentless. Facing these odds, one top-20 global drug developer approached Vanguard about a system that addresses these challenges, and apply advanced modeling and simulations to complex drug development data.

“Our existing system was time consuming. It was difficult to update and maintain the data, and it offered little flexibility as far as managing what-if scenarios. It was not able to provide some of the more advanced analysis that we wanted. We had to do that in Excel.” Said an Associate Portfolio Management Director with the company.

Download our case study on this Top-20 Global Drug Developer and learn how Vanguard Predictive Planning™ enabled them to see:

  • 75% decrease in labor hours dedicated to data updating and maintenance.
  • Improved cost benefit analysis due to range-of-outcome comparative analysis.
  • Improved multi-year investment planning and better balancing of research and development investment with liquidity and other compacity constraints.

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