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Omnichannel Sales Forecasting with New Product Introductions

One of the largest athletic footwear companies in the world faced supply chain planning challenges typical for the footwear and apparel industry. Boasting an enormous portfolio of high-end fashion products, particularly in the Asian market, the company’s planners struggled to keep up with high product style turnover and countless new product introductions.

Additionally, they faced planning obstacles brought on by an extensive network of omnichannel sales including direct to consumer ecommerce, brick and mortar, as well as a worldwide network of distributors and retailers. Employees across the globe were working in silos, speaking various languages, and using vastly different processes.

The company required a solution that would support the input of critical insights from the Sales teams about changes in the market like new customers, retailer, channels, trends and products. Attempts at data gathering and analysis in a siloed environment had resulted in a lack of c-suite confidence in the forecasting and planning processes. The company needed a planning system that was flexible, unified, and supported a global rollout.

After implementing Vanguard Predictive Planning™, they:

  • Gained a single version of truth and improved C-suite confidence in business forecasting and planning.
  • Achieved network collaboration, advanced New Product Introductions techniques, and the consolidation of key insights from sales.
  • Have a better pulse on the health of sales across the entire organization.

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To learn how S&OP processes can enable a phased restart to fashion and apparel supply chains, listen to our webinar recording, Restarting Global Supply Chains in Fashion & Apparel.

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VP of Supply Chain, Global Pharmaceutical Company