Aurobindo Case Study

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Aurobindo Pharma inventory utilization

Global pharma company shows rapid growth in inventory utilization and business volume with Vanguard Predictive Planning™

Aurobindo Pharma is among the fastest-growing pharmaceutical providers globally. In just over a decade, the division has multiplied its portfolio to more than 125 product families and over 450 individual product packages across a still-widening range of therapeutic categories.

Before Vanguard, Aurobindo’s sales and supply planners had cobbled together numerous, complex spreadsheets monthly to generate aggregated demand forecasts and corresponding supply plans. As their portfolios began to expand, these spreadsheets became too cumbersome to manage, and too error prone to be used with confidence.

Aurobindo selected Vanguard for its seasoned professional service team, as well as for its flagship forecasting and planning solution, Vanguard Predictive Planning™; enabling them to automate and improve there forecasting and planning processes.

With Vanguard Predictive Planning™, Aurobindo Pharma has achieved rapid growth in both inventory utilization and business volume, due to their improvements in the way they prepare forecasts. After implementing Vanguard, they saw:

  • 99% year over year increase in monthly inventory utilization
  • 77% increase in the number of new business offers
  • 31% increase in the number of new product families

For further reading check out our industry sheet for Pharmaceutical organizations.

With Vanguard Predictive Planning™ for Pharma, organizations will gain:

  • Maximum forecast accuracy
  • Improved intra-company and value-chain partner collaboration
  • Reduced stockouts
  • Reduced safety stock
  • Improved service level, revenues, and customer satisfaction
  • Increased procurement efficiency