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Automation without Programming

Decision Analysis Tools

Vanguard CMS is a web-based, expert system development tool for non-programmers.

CMS applications guide customers or employees through complex decision-making processes using intelligent Q&A sessions. These core software applications can improve the operational efficiency of key business processes while delivering dynamic support to customers. Build and stylize your applications. Let CMS handle the logic of end-user interaction. Build CMS applications using a visual editor. The system auto-generates all of the HTML needed to display your application in a Web browser.

Example use cases include:

  • Troubleshooting: diagnose problems quickly and provide expert solutions.
  • Product Selection: determine the best product to suit your customer needs.
  • Call Center and Sales Scripting: reduce training costs and improve service consistency.
  • Decision Support: automate and streamline common business decisions.
  • Online Advice: deliver customized info for individual users.
  • Application Processing: includes automated feedback.

How CMS Benefits Your Business

Automating business processes leads to improved quality, reliability, efficiency, and overall business performance. Vanguard CMS is unique in providing the following business benefits:

  • Opens development to everyone. Since Vanguard CMS does not require any programming knowledge, anyone in your organization can automate their routine business processes and decisions.
  • Takes development global. CMS lets multiple contributors located anywhere in the world collaborate on an application in real-time using only their Web browsers.
  • Organizes and protects development. Collaboration and version control are managed with each CMS user account. You can create CMS-specific user accounts or CMS can integrate with Active Directory to leverage your current infrastructure.
  • Provides instant support anywhere, anytime. Because the applications are automated and always available, they can be run by customers or employees anywhere in the world, at any time, using only a Web browser.
  • Helps you improve its performance. Usage statistics that help you improve a CMS application’s usability are recorded for each customer that uses the application. These statistics are displayed in separate and comprehensive reports that include a detailed analysis. In addition, CMS supports remote and real-time monitoring of user activity.
  • Extends your current systems. Vanguard CMS integrates and synchronizes with your databases and other applications to apply your business process rules to their data in real-time and generate detailed reports.
  • Supports enterprise-scale solutions. CMS can support enterprise-scale application development and hosting scenarios. As a component of Vanguard’s Knowledge Automation System, CMS employs grid-computing and supports both dedicated grids and grids composed of distributed individual computers.

Why CMS is Easy to Use

Vanguard CMS makes it easy for anyone to build applications using its simple interface and intuitive system technology.

  • Develop CMS applications using a visual editor much like word processing software. This ease-of-use makes application development available to employees with no programming knowledge.
  • Format every aspect of your application and let CMS automatically generate all of the HTML required to display your application in a Web browser.
  • Enter your questions in any order. CMS decides which questions to ask, and when, based on user responses.
  • Replicate your company’s web-site design easily using Vanguard CMS’s Style Wizard.