MRO and Spare Parts Supply Chain Planning with Vanguard

Spare Parts and MRO

Gain Efficiencies Across Your Supply Chain

Automated, real-time planning with Vanguard optimizes fulfillment and increases production margins. Our cloud-native platform automates forecasting and applies prescriptive analytics to identify gaps in MRO supply chain plans as well as where to find efficiencies across your forecasts.

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Automation that grows margin and reduces risk

It’s hard enough to forecast demand and optimize inventory for finished goods. It’s harder still to do it for spare parts and materials. That is in part, because much of MRO planning and materials demand is as erratic and intermittent as it is financially consequential. While the conveyor bearings may wear predictably, the specialized robotics are expensive and can fail randomly. At the extreme, this leaves MRO materials managers in a difficult situation between:

  • Near fail-safe stocking levels with unsustainably high carrying costs for MRO inventory, and
  • Low-cost stocking levels with higher potential for stock-out, production stoppage, supply shortage, and lost sales.

No materials manager wants either outcome, yet many lay awake fretting amid hundreds of thousands of items to forecast and manage.

Winzer increases ROI by 1350%

Winzer, a full-service distributor of more than one million different fasteners, tools, and other supplies to more than 35,000 customers, needed an automated inventory optimization solution that could accurately forecast demand.

With Vanguard Predictive Planning™, they saw:


increase in ROI


in inventory reduction within 5 months

“One vendor stood head and shoulders above the others through the process – Vanguard Software. Vanguard consistently worked harder and provided more tangible, high-quality data and answers to questions than any other competitor.”

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