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AI-Driven Apparel Supply Chain Planning

Vanguard’s predictive Footwear & Apparel supply chain planning platform gives companies the resilience needed to outperform unexpected trends and fulfill demand better than peers. We offer industry-tailored solutions that includes scenario modeling, enhanced supplier and customer collaboration, and real-time inventory balancing across the network.

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Forecast with Certainty Across the Footwear & Apparel Supply Chain

Bring unparalleled efficiencies and cost savings to your MEIO and supply planning with Vanguard.

Consumers today expect unlimited product availability with expansive choices in how they browse, purchase, and receive their goods. For the Apparel & Footwear Industry, these demands add tremendous complexity to merchandise planning, assortment allocation, and replenishment, as well as multi-channel purchase and delivery. Those who can automate and optimize these processes stand the best chance of maximizing profit and customer service.

Global Athletic Footwear Company Implements Omni-Channel Sales Forecasting with New Product Introductions

"The reason I chose Vanguard was the quality of the pre-sales support and assistance in setting up a proof of concept with our actual data. While functionality was similar between all the choices your team and immediate sales support are what closed the deal."

One of the largest athletic footwear companies in the world faced supply chain planning challenges typical for their industry.

Boasting an enormous portfolio of high-fashion products, particularly in the Asian market, the company’s planners struggled to keep up with high product style turnover and countless new product introductions.

With Vanguard Predictive Planning™, they were able to:

  • Gain a single version of the truth
  • Achieve network collaboration and consolidation of key insights
  • Forecast new product introductions with more accuracy than thought possible
  • Scale supply chain demand planning software solutions across planning departments
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