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Unify Your Consumer Goods Supply Chain

Stock-outs and scarcity are the primary reason consumers abandon your brand. Fixing unexpected consumer goods supply chain disruption is difficult with changing trends, competitor promotions, and outside pressures on buyer behaviors. Vanguard Software makes your planning resilient; you outperform the unexpected with our predictive, cloud-based inventory planning software.

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Unify Consumer Goods supply chain planning across sales, manufacturing, and distribution

The proliferation of product variations (SKUs), consumer purchase and delivery options, and global sourcing and distribution has made supply chains increasingly difficult to manage. Compounded with shortening product life cycles, it’s harder than ever for Consumer Goods makers to meet the service demands of retail partners, much less those of end consumers.

In response, Consumer Goods supply chain planners are reforming their performance metrics and business models while holistically integrating what were once traditionally segmented approaches to efficiency improvements and cost-cutting. To do this, they’re investing in cloud-based inventory planning software that unifies sales, manufacturing, and distribution planning while enabling value chain collaboration with raw-material suppliers, retail channel partners, and, ultimately, end-consumers.

Leading Global Snack and Soda Company Implements S&OP

"Vanguard Predictive Planning™ has exceeded our expectations from the start. The implementation project ran smoothly and the system provides real benefit through workflow efficiency and forecast accuracy."

This leading snack and soda company has evolved its products to keep up with preferences of changing tastes and lifestyles to stay ahead of the market.

With goals to salvage, repair, and refurbish snack machines to lengthen the lifespan of their equipment, they implemented Vanguard’s cloud-based Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) solution to increase margins and save costs over time.

With Vanguard Predictive Planning™, they were able to:

  • Reduce the average on-hand inventory needed
  • Improve utilization of their equipment
  • Optimize order quantities for their vendors
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