IBP and Forecasting for Dynamics AX

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Bolster returns with advanced-analytic forecasting

Vanguard IBP and Forecasting for Microsoft Dynamics® AX delivers best-in-class demand forecasting to AX users, plus two-way integration with AX to optimize production scheduling, inventory management, logistics, and financial planning. How? Analytic automation applies the optimal forecast method, always. Detailed simulation and optimization modules adjust for strong seasonal demand, limited historical sales, and more. Advanced process design plugs the right people (i.e., foreknowledge) into the equation. IBP and Forecasting for Dynamics AX means every bit of savings that can be wrung from your processes goes straight to the bottom line.

Enterprise Scale Forecasting

IBP and Forecasting for Dynamics AX is an opportunity to deliver enterprise-class forecasting with unmatched setup speed, data connectivity, and ROI. This is true for new and existing installations. IBP and Forecasting for Dynamics AX is also remarkably easy to use.

  • Web-based user access for real-time and remote data access, management, and reporting
  • Automated forecast updating in real-time and across distributed environments
  • Seamless switch to day, week, month, quarter, year, or any forecast horizon
  • Elimination of delay and error caused by manual data collection, input, and formatting
  • Enterprise-class performance in capacity, speed, security, and accuracy

Fast, Dynamic Integration

We understand the scale and complexity of the ERP investment, and the difficulty showing a positive net return on the process. That’s why we’ve geared our solution to drive value from ERP — and in short order. It starts with a fast, low-cost implementation. It grows as exceptional forecasts drive returns enterprise-wide — inventory to production to financial planning. The result is sharper insight into product demand patterns, lower safety stock, and faster response to market changes.

  • Complete set-up in days, not weeks or months
  • Live synchronization with AX data
  • Dynamic data-push back to AX: forecasts, min-max inventory levels Multiple implementation options: AX (AOS), files, web services
  • Unlimited time-series data capability
  • Strictly adherent integration technology — Microsoft Dynamics best practices