Grid Computing

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Divide and conquer

Vanguard’s Grid Computing Add-on divides simulation tasks among several computers, giving you the processing power to run enterprise-scale simulations without supercomputing costs.

Monte Carlo Simulations

Monte Carlo simulations are extremely CPU-intensive. They are designed to evaluate models over thousands of iterations. Even for modestly-sized models, simulation run-times can get quite long. With our Grid Computing Add-on, Vanguard System can run simulations at about 60 times the speed of similar models in spreadsheets. A simulation that requires one hour in a spreadsheet takes only one minute with Vanguard. However, Vanguard System is designed to support models vastly larger than any spreadsheet can handle, including at manageable run-times.

Put Supercomputing Power on your Desktop

Each Vanguard user has supercomputer processing power at his or her disposal. Furthermore, this high-end processing power is achieved very inexpensively because the grid can be made up of existing computers using idle CPU time.

When you run a simulation using the Grid Computing Add-on, the system gives you the option of simulating on your desktop computer or running the simulation on the Enterprise Grid. The Enterprise Grid can be a cluster of computers that acts as a dedicated grid. Or, it can be made up of individual computers on your network that all assist in performing the simulation. This collection of individual computers can be spread throughout your organization, contained in one or more department(s), or made up of just a few engineers working together. Using idle CPU time and running completely in the background, the Grid Computing Add-on turns each individual computer into a grid host without disturbing anyone’s work.

Upon initiating a grid simulation, the Vanguard System sends the job to your central Vanguard Server™. The server then generates a list of all hosts that are online and divides the job between the hosts based on their relative processing power. Each host performs a portion of the simulation and sends its results back to the server. When the simulation is complete, the Vanguard Server merges results from all hosts and sends the results back to your desktop computer.