Expert Systems

Line Art

DecisionScript: DScript Language

  • Introduction to DScript
  • Lexical Structure
  • Data Types
  • Advanced Numbers
  • Variables
  • Primitives and Operators
  • Statements
  • Definitions
  • Lists
  • Objects
  • Performance Issues
  • Primitives Directory

Web Applications

Expert Help 24/7

Capturing an expert’s knowledge allows novices to use that expertise to gain expert-quality results without having to understand the underlying decision-making methods being applied. Employees benefit from expert systems that allow them to solve problems and attain actionable results that help them do their jobs more quickly and efficiently. Web-site customers get answers to their questions easily as your online system dynamically interacts with them.

Build Expert Systems — No Programming Required

Vanguard enables you to build Web expert systems without programming, in real-time, and from multiple locations. The Vanguard Content Management System (CMS) is a Web-based development environment that uses visual editors much like word processing software to build advanced expert systems that are delivered on the Web. Multiple contributors from anywhere in the world can simultaneously develop and maintain a CMS expert system using only their Web browsers. CMS provides the rapid expert systems development and maintenance you need to improve the operational efficiency of your key business processes.