Outperform the New Supply Chain Normal

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Outperforming the New Supply Chain Normal

Unified Predictive Planning Demo with Vanguard

The unprecedented amount of supply chain disruption in the past 15 months has supply chain leaders searching for ways to better respond and recover from the complexes in today’s supply chains. An organization’s ability to effectively respond to supply chain weaknesses and vulnerabilities has become increasingly dependent on their ability to absorb and process data into intelligent insight. 

Vanguard’s end-to-end, cloud-native, and AI-based solution is the most scalable, flexible, and user-friendly option on the market for organizations planning within one line of business, like Demand Planning, or connecting plans across all lines of business with Integrated Business Planning. 

Join Brian Lewis, VP of Product, for a platform demo and see how Vanguard’s unified suite of demand, supply, and sales planning solutions save you time, improve operations, and leave you better prepared to mitigate supply chain disruption. 

Learn how Vanguard Predictive Planning™ solves challenges in these areas: 

  • Demand PlanningAnalyze more cross-team data, account for more exceptions, and deliver resilient forecasts with more certainty. 
  • Supply Planning: Use multi-echelon inventory optimization to align demand, supply, and operations decisions, so that you become more efficient while reducing storage and services costs.
  • Production Planning: Align demand, supply, and financial forecasts with ERP, BOM, and other data to reduce out-of-stocks and identify risks in your capacity planning. 
  • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)Enable your decision-makers to easily collaborate and connect with unified inventory optimization. 
  • Integrated Business PlanningMake every stage of your supply chain more resilient. From production planning to financial forecasting, align your supply chain management with an easy-to-use, collaborative platform that saves time and increases margins. 

"Vanguard Software was able to improve our forecast accuracy by over 50%!"

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