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End-to-end Supply Chain software that prepares your business for anything.

Model and act on the impact of exceptional events across demand, supply, S&OP, and financial forecasts 

  • View the impact of any predictive or prescriptive action on inventory, distribution, replenishment, production, and financial plans 
  • Cascade any action through your demand, supply, and replenishment scenarios on a single screen view for immediate, holistic impact analysis 

Product life cycle management 

  • Optimize inventory forecasting for product introductions, phase outs, seasonality, promotions, and other events across the product life cycle 
  • Predict and schedule product production, warehouse redistribution, fixed orders, purchase orders, budgeting and more from one easy to use UI 

Replenishment Planning 

  • Connect short-term, execution, and long-term planning across product, demand, supply, distribution, and production data for a holistic approach to replenishment 
  • Use prescriptive analytics based on proprietary AI models to automate replenishment planning

Financial forecasting 

  • Reveal the financial impact of any supply, demand, production, or capacity decision 
  • Build smarter budgets and forecasts based on accurate sales, demand and supply prediction 

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"From the first time we loaded our data into Vanguard, we've been happy with the results. Between heightening our understanding of sales cycle curves, the immense flexibility, and responsiveness of the platform, and providing a single view of all items and categories, we've had a very positive experience."