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The call center mission is to deliver best-possible support at lowest-possible cost. Too often, these naturally competing objectives force management into zero-sum analyses of the quality-cost balance. Vanguard is different. Our solution is double-barreled to fire on both objectives simultaneously.

Front-line Support, Back-end Expertise

Deliver expert knowledge through front-line staff. Vanguard’s web-based intelligence system puts product experts, customer support specialists, and call center staff in the same virtual room.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Product and other home office knowledge experts monitor issues coming into the system via remote call centers.
  2. Knowledge experts respond in real-time, entering diagnostic rules, service protocols, and other technical information directly into the system.
  3. Call center staff, sometimes halfway around the world, receive these instructions and guide customers through detailed Q&A sessions for diagnosis and support. Call center staff can also see and adapt to any central protocol changes coming from the home office.

Through it all, Vanguard Knowledge Automation System manages versions, access rights, and other features for fail-safe communication.

Hyper-Informed Customer Service

Hyper-Informed Customer Service

Process automation and centralized communication leverage your call center staff with the ability to channel in-house knowledge specialists in real-time. Backed by experts, remote staff can give your customers the answers they need with unmatched speed, concision, and accuracy. Better, faster service means more time and willingness to collect feedback, introduce higher layer service options, and ultimately drive higher returns.

Lower Costs, Increase Returns

High-quality support requires considerable investment in training. The costs add up for complex and frequently changing product lines. Vanguard technology outmodes this need, en masse.

With Vanguard, your support staff can stick to the basics as far as required learning goes. That’s because they’re in constant contact with your in-house knowledge experts via real-time web exchange. The benefits are manifold. Global support staff gains leverage. Customers get answers. Service costs drop. Your investment returns rise.

Content Management System (CMS)

Vanguard Content Management System (CMS) is a web development environment and visual editor that puts product experts in charge of building your advanced, automated support center — no programming required. Experts from anywhere in the world can simultaneously develop and maintain CMS support-center applications via the web — an optimal balance of service cost and quality.