Business Analytics Suite™ Monte Carlo Simulation

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Write code, run Excel, or buy Vanguard

Write code, run Excel, or buy Vanguard

Do your analytic tools sharpen or dull your competitive edge? Business Analytics Suite (part of Vanguard System) is a modeling and simulation platform that delivers above-market capabilities for above-market outcomes.

Enterprise-grade capability

In building Monte Carlo simulation models, you have three basic options:

  • Build from scratch using a low-level programming language
  • Load up a spreadsheet that has a Monte Carlo simulation add-in
  • Create your model using Vanguard Business Analytics Suite

Building from scratch allows for high-performance models, but development costs can be prohibitive and the resulting models are difficult to update. Spreadsheet models are easier to build, but performance is limited. Vanguard offers the best of both worlds.

Business Analytics Suite combines the ease of spreadsheet modeling with the power of custom tools. Our solution handles projects hundreds of times larger than spreadsheet models and runs simulations thousands of times faster. Our collaborative environment kicks it up further by opening the door to diverse contributors from across the enterprise. This drives efficiency in the modeling process and increases the accuracy of results, especially for large undertakings. In short, Vanguard’s enterprise-class modeling solutions remain head-and-shoulders above the fray, unmatched in capacity, speed, and accuracy.

Lightning fast

  • A single computer running Vanguard can perform a Monte Carlo simulation 10 to 100 times faster than Excel. This performance is on par with custom-programmed models. But we didn’t stop there. Vanguard also supports grid computing, a network of computers that can perform a simulation thousands of times faster than a spreadsheet. Setting up a computer grid is as simple as ‘permissioning’ Vanguard to use spare CPU capacity on your company’s or work group’s computers. The result is supercomputing power without the supercomputing budget.

Model capacity

Imagine linking together all of the individual spreadsheet models you’ve built to create an enterprise model. This would reveal how risks in one project area are affected by other projects, or reveal ahead of time what problems will arise when different projects compete for the same resources.

Portfolio modeling requires a level of capacity well beyond that of spreadsheets. It also requires an architecture that links together models built by different people using different time frames, currencies, units of measure, and so on. Vanguard makes this possible through a component-based, collaborative modeling infrastructure.

Client Results

“Billions [of dollars] in operating margin and trillions in market capitalization separate supply chain winners from losers,” according to AMR Research. With Vanguard Predictive Planning™, best-in-class planners see:


Reduction in inventory


Increase in perfect-order fulfillment (complete, accurate, and on time)


Increase in perfect-order fulfillment (complete, accurate, and on time)


Increase in perfect-order fulfillment (complete, accurate, and on time)