Web Applications

Knowledge Automation System can serve as a tool for building web-based, decision-support systems that range from wizard-style help desks to predictive analytics applications. Publish your systems as a web application on the internet or on your corporate intranet. Either way, it’s anytime-anywhere access for any user with web access.

Build Interactive Websites

Turn your static website into an engaging, interactive destination. Knowledge Automation System lets you interact with each visitor, asking questions to custom-fit his or her unique session – akin to a personal sales rep. Your wizard-style application can then guide visitors through their individual search and decision processes:

  • Locate the right product
  • View related products
  • Make a purchase
  • Find support

Engage Your Mass Audience Of One

With Vanguard, your web server and web visitor talk. In addition to serving up pages, the server engages each visitor in a unique session, retaining and referencing his or her activity from one request to the next to customize future interactions. Your wizard-style application can then guide each user more effectively through decision processes.

Empower Employees

Help customers find the right product, get to an interactive help desk or locate other resources using a simple but effective Q&A series.

Build models and applications for real-time reporting (such as production data) and prepare up-to-the second graphical displays of key production indicators. Let employees access custom analytic applications for help making decisions, entering data or other media to your intranet, and publishing appropriate content for immediate use.

Application Development — No Programming Required

Build web apps anytime, anywhere — no programming required. Vanguard Content Management System (CMS) is a Web-based development environment that uses visual editors (much like word processing software) to build advanced, web-based decision-support systems. Multiple contributors from anywhere in the world can simultaneously develop and maintain your decision-support system. That’s efficiency.

Development and Maintenance — Faster, Cheaper, Better

Building server-side scripts with Vanguard is faster and less expensive than CGI programming, Active Server Pages, or similar methods for server-side scripting. This efficiency makes it easy to build or change applications frequently, as well as complex systems — such as medical diagnostic tools — that cannot be built using traditional Web development tools.

To ensure speed in building scripts, the Vanguard System uses an enhanced version of JavaScript® as its core programming language. This lets you use the same language for both server-side and client-side development. Start scripting without having to learn a new language. Move components you’ve developed between server and client environments without re-coding.

Vanguard Software Applications

Our collaborative, web-based forecasting applications unite roles, teams and departments in achieving the most accurate forecasts in the world – bar none.