Vanguard Studio™


Vanguard Studio™ is a key component in the Vanguard System™.

In multi-user setups, Studio is used with Vanguard Server™ to create a Web-based, collaborative modeling environment where you build models with Studio and make these models available to others using Server. Studio and Server are delivered together as a pre-configured application when you purchase the Vanguard System.

In single-user setups, you need only Studio to build models and perform high-end planning and analysis functions.

Studio and Spreadsheets

A good way to understand Studio is to compare it to spreadsheet applications. Studio and spreadsheets are similar in that both are desktop applications for building a wide variety of planning models. They are different in that Studio is more visually-oriented, offers greater analytic capability, and provides an infrastructure for enterprise-scale collaboration and modeling.Studio does not replace spreadsheets; it provides the functionality that spreadsheets cannot when shifting from simple, one-off analyses to enterprise-scale models. In fact, spreadsheets are an integral part of the Vanguard System. You can use existing spreadsheets as components in Vanguard models and Vanguard will roll up the separate spreadsheets into a consolidated, high-level model. This way you get the best of both tools.