Vanguard Server hosts, catalogues and manages access to web applications built with  Vanguard Studio™ and lets you build decision-support apps onto your company website. Vanguard Server acts simultaneously as an Application Server, a Library Server, and a Licensing Server.

Vanguard Server

Vanguard Server is a full-function HTTP web server. In addition to hosting, Server supports:

  • SSL encryption,
  • User Authentication,
  • ODBC connections,
  • Data compression,
  • Load-balancing, and
  • Fail-over.

Server can integrate with Vanguard Load-balancing Gateway to create high-capacity, high-availability server farms.

Connect analysts and executives worldwide

Licensing Server

Share a limited number of Studio licenses among individual users. Most will find the Web interface sufficient. To interact with a model using Studio, a user may obtain a floating license for a day rather than purchase a dedicated license.

Library Server

Tap other model builders for useful components and share your work accordingly.

Modeling expected profit of a new product? Link to sales and production-cost models that others have built. They can maintain their models independently. The server manages all interaction between components. It also tracks versions so you can roll back components to their state at any given time. The server authenticates users, controls access, enforces policy restrictions, provides search capabilities and offers a host of other features that maintain the integrity and usefulness of your library.

Application Server

Open and control access to your models online. Share internal model structures and knowledge captured in your system with authorized users, no training is required.

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Vanguard Software Applications

Our collaborative, web-based forecasting applications unite roles, teams and departments in achieving the most accurate forecasts in the world – bar none.