Vanguard Monte Carlo Simulation Add-on

Simulate Complex Systems to Manage Risk

The Monte Carlo Simulation Add-on gives you the ability to perform Monte Carlo simulations and sensitivity analyses.

  • Model uncertainty and volatility
  • Simulate complex systems
  • Manage business opportunity and risk

Reveal the full range of potential business outcomes and the probability of each, such as the likelihood of reaching specific targets or sustaining specific losses. Replace point estimates with fuzzy values to factor uncertainty.

Like decision trees, Monte Carlo simulations produce expected values for distinct courses action. Vanguard’s artificial intelligence and advanced programming add to this the ability to model highly complex systems such as production processes and consumer behavior.


Distribution gallery

Automatic distribution fitting using historical data

User-defined distributions

Automatic sensitivity analysis

60 times the speed of spreadsheets

Optional grid computing for speeds over 1,500 times that of spreadsheets

Correlated inputs

Unlimited number of Stochastic inputs

Output reports including distribution graphs and statistics

Screen Views

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