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Vanguard Predictive Planning for Supply Planning is geared to help leaders in manufacturing and distribution forecast demand for all resources required in the manufacture and delivery of finished goods. These include raw materials, people, equipment, storage, transport and more.

Vanguard Software’s market-leading forecast engine generates exceptional baseline forecasts for finished goods. Users can fine-tune these forecasts with insights not already in the historical data. Supply Planning then explodes (or reverse engineers) finished-goods forecasts back into all required components and resources using a hierarchical, time-dependent Bill of Materials (BOM).

Vanguard Predictive Planning for Supply Planning also automates routine tasks and applies advanced analytic methods to optimize key drivers affecting your supply chain and management process. The results are streamlined supply chain and fulfillment processes, lower operating costs, and improved customer service and profit.

No matter the complexity of your supply chain, Vanguard Predictive Planning for Supply Planning is geared to optimize each stage of your supply and production cycle.

  • Combine historical data with insight or foreknowledge for the most reality-based forecasting and materials requirements planning.
  • Leverage Bill of Materials to explode (or back-calculate) finished-goods forecasts into requirements for raw materials, workers, and equipment under any number of scenarios.
  • Track entire product cycles with centrally managed records, time-stamped user inputs, and real-time updating across organizations.

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO)

The Supply Planning module calculates multiple objectives (cost, profit, service level, etc.) to determine optimal safety stock, reorder levels, and other inventory management policies across the entire supply chain, from production to central warehousing to regional warehousing and beyond.

Configurable Inventory Management Policies

  • Service level
  • Fill rate
  • Cost minimization
  • Profit maximization
  • Periodic
  • Custom

Order Size – Constraint-based Planning and Scheduling

  • Minimal order quantities (MOQs)
  • Order / Inventory quantify increments

Replenishment Report

Configurable, easy-to-read reports help optimize inventory-holding and replenishment decisions. Underlying data can be routed to automate actions.

  • Demand
  • Orders
  • Arrivals
  • Stockouts
  • DOH coverage
  • Capacity
  • Cash Flow

Analytics Integration

  • Production forecasts
  • Technology changes
  • Competitor actions
  • Sales team win/loss probabilities
  • Management insight
  • Historical data
  • EDI feeds
  • 3rd-party market forecasts
  • Product lifecycle
  • New product adoption

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