Inventory Optimization SoftwareInventory Optimization Software

Vanguard Predictive Planning for Inventory Optimization software automates the analyses of your entire inventory cycle, integrating historical sales data and key insights from individuals throughout your organization.

Our advanced-analytic planning platform captures even the faintest nuances in your data to determine optimal service levels, safety stock, reorder points, order quantities, and other key metrics. It also lets you compare product and product-line profitability for optimal bottom-line analysis. The results include labor savings, increased operating efficiency, and superior optimization of your inventory investment.

Why Vanguard Predictive Planning for Inventory Optimization?

The benefits are multiple: more precise insight into product demand patterns, lower safety stock, improved service level and faster response to market changes. How? Analytic automation applies the optimal forecast method, always. Advanced process design plugs the right people, knowledge, and insights into that equation. Detailed simulation and optimization modules adjust for complicating factors, such as strong seasonal demand, limited historical sales, and more. Every bit of savings that can be wrung from your process goes straight to your bottom line.

  • Lower inventory
  • Fewer stockouts
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Reduced error (emergency orders, unnecessary expenses)
  • Lower labor requirements
  • Higher profit

ROI of Business Forecasting and Planning

While Investments in forecasting & planning software produce benefits across multiple functions, those aimed at inventory and supply chain management tend to be the easiest to measure and the quickest to provide hard returns. How does it work?

Let’s take it from the to top. High-quality, statistically-derived forecast assumptions improve forecast accuracy. That sets the stage for better plans and policies. That helps increase operating efficiency, which generally means improved margins and profitability. So, get the starting values right and let simulation and optimization modules identify and adjust for complicating factors such as seasonal demand, limited historical sales, and plenty more. The KPIs won’t lie. You should see lower safety stock, lower carrying costs, and improved service levels. Additional gains come as system stakeholders share knowledge and insights, further refining these forecasts. The results include goodwill and top-line revenue growth, plus savings and bottom line growth from optimized inventory holding and replenishment decisions.

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Our collaborative, web-based forecasting applications unite roles, teams and departments in achieving the most accurate forecasts in the world – bar none.