Vanguard IBP for Supply Chain

Vanguard Predictive Planning for Supply Chain Planning matches advanced analytics with a workflow design that fosters communication and tracks the inputs and actions of diverse users. This brings into shared view oft-missed planning criteria:

  • Promotions
  • Cannibalizations
  • Competitor actions
  • Supply changes
  • Phase-outs

In essence, Vanguard Predictive Planning for Supply Chain brings together inputs from multiple teams to improve visibility and transparency, and speed projects along.

For example, any authorized project partner can layer baseline forecasts with foreknowledge from his vantage point in the enterprise. Critical info that once languished in silos flows straight into the work stream. No longer are forecasts based solely on history. No longer are assumptions woefully incomplete. Our goal is to help you build these bridges: digital and human.

Vanguard Predictive Planning for Supply Chain is engineered to maximize full-scale collaboration on a single platform. It also features advanced-analytic algorithms, boundless user scalability, lightning-fast query response times, and the capacity to crunch massive data sets for clients anywhere in the world.


The goal of S&OP is to align Sales and Operations teams. SiOP involved the inventory team as well. Leading organizations share a common plan, measure and monitor KPIs, and enable collaboration across the disparate teams. How is this accomplished? Using an IBP platform that is specifically designed for the S&OP process.

Vanguard S&OP enables organizations to:

  • Implement automation through workflow-based S&OP support
  • Facilitate executive management review and performance management
  • Track performance to plan
  • Ensure balance between demand, supply, and inventory

Vanguard S&OP includes the most advanced capabilities for Demand Forecasting, Supply Planning, and Inventory Optimization available on the market.

Cloud-Based Supply Chain Planning

In the cloud, you and your extended supply chain partner network are part of a streaming, social network-like exchange. All parties see and react to each others’ updates,  and a single version of the truth begins to emerge. This zero lag in information improves efficiency and performance at the company and value-chain level. It’s a degree of transparency that is simply not available in the legacy paradigm of spreadsheets and plugins.

Enterprise-minded organizations have already determined that both cloud and collaboration are the future. Many are taking steps to develop IBP processes and cultures. Increasingly more are investing in best-of-breed IBP platforms that integrate with their ERP, or core transaction systems. These organizations understand that there is simply too much to gain from the cloud, or too much to risk by not migrating.


Predictive Algorithms for Statistical Forecasting

Combine advanced analytics with automation and user insight using best-of-breed forecasting and planning platform

Bill of Materials

Analyze thousands of scenarios to plan requirements for raw materials, workers, equipment, and more

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO)

Factor cost, profit, service level, etc. to determine optimal, net-value policies for production, central warehousing, regional warehousing, and last-mile


Automate supply chain planning and forecasting processes using workflows with business rules, alerts, and more

New Product Launch

Leverage numerous methods: comparable forecasting, spread curve, supersession, adoption modeling, and combined

What-If Scenario Planning

Test thousands of what-if scenarios in an instant to understand the impact of any change to the IT plan


Improve Forecast Accuracy

Make use of exceptional forecasts to better optimize inventory and operations and improve financial performance

Raise Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer fulfillment and satisfaction while lowering inventory levels

Sharpen Decision Making

Identify unprofitable or underperforming services and activities for better data-based decision making

Align The Organization

Unite the enterprise around one set of forecasts and plans for one version of the truth

Lower Costs

Test thousands of scenarios and dozens of techniques without programming, labor expense, or costly, real-world mistakes

Reduce Stockouts

Improved forecast accuracy helps reduce stockouts, safety-stock levels, and inventory carrying costs – increase your working capital

Intensify Collaboration

Tighter collaboration generates more effective cross-functional cooperation and stronger net enterprise performance

Optimize Service Levels

Optimal service levels improve operating performance, fulfilment, customer satisfaction and loyalty, and overall profitability

Drive Profit, and Profitability

Forecast automation and accuracy plus optimized inventory and operations increase profit and profitability by reducing stockouts, lost sales, emergency orders, and labor and customer acquisition costs

Screen Views

Vanguard Software Applications

Our collaborative, web-based forecasting applications unite roles, teams and departments in achieving the most accurate forecasts in the world – bar none.