IT Portfolio Planning and Analysis

As an organization grows it adds new people and systems, placing new and additional demands on IT. At some point, various groups in the organization are competing for limited IT resources and prioritization becomes an imperative.

Vanguard Predictive Planning, an Integrated Business Planning platform, helps your CIO and IT organization develop a holistic understanding of the entire project portfolio. This is critical. IT must ensure that it allocates precious resources on the basis of merit.

Vanguard provides a centralized framework for value analysis so that you can prioritize projects by dollar value, probability of success, and expected net value. View all projects, resource estimates, schedules, and value calculations in a single web-based platform for visibility, collaboration, and the best-possible alignment of resources and strategy.

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Vanguard Software Applications

Our collaborative, web-based forecasting applications unite roles, teams and departments in achieving the most accurate forecasts in the world – bar none.