Capacity Planning

One of the great achievements of human capital management is the ability to accurately gauge and position workforce demand against workforce capacity. Though critically important, very few organizations do it well. Continuous change, unrealistic prioritization, too many projects, and inaccurate capacity evaluations pose a constant challenge. Meanwhile, failure to balance capacity supply and demand can sap workforce productivity, destabilize projects, and delay time to market and other critical ventures.

Vanguard Predictive Planning, an Integrated Business Planning platform, automates capacity planning and applies advanced-analytic modeling and simulation to identify the optimal path forward under multiple scenarios. That pulls substantial time and cost straight out of the planning process and enables decisions based on calculated, best-possible outcomes.

  • Staff optimization
  • Skill demand shortage prediction
  • Utilization optimization
  • Capacity gap prediction
  • Margin analysis

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Vanguard Software Applications

Our collaborative, web-based forecasting applications unite roles, teams and departments in achieving the most accurate forecasts in the world – bar none.