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Accurate financial forecasts should be the lifeblood of every organization. That’s why Vanguard Software focusses on delivering world-class forecasting capability and accuracy, benchmark tested. More than two dozen forecast methods, automated (and manual) method selection, and a powerful optimization engine make advanced analytic forecasting, modeling, and simulation a snap for non-expert business users – no internal expert resources required.

With Vanguard Predictive Planning for Financial Forecasting, users can select from various statistical models and parameters and run hundreds of simulations at once. More importantly, they can select the automatic mode, in which Vanguard Predictive Planning runs thousands of simulations in seconds to determine the optimum method. This takes guesswork out of the equation and saves hours.

Seamless Collaboration for Shared Risk and Financial Management

The Financial Forecasting module integrates seamlessly (only if needed) with the Advanced Analytics add-on to generate Monte Carlo simulations for risk analysis, and capital-allocation and investment planning. Other features include:

  • Multi-plan capability – Financial forecasts can stand alone, or link to other Vanguard forecasts so that multiple teams can share, track, and compare projections
  • Customizable profit & loss, cash flow, and balance sheet projections
  • Dynamic reporting and analysis to build custom financial reports on the fly using plain English formulas, no coding required
  • Roll-ups across business units, product lines, geographies, etc.
  • Distributed assumption owners: Assign ownership to the key assumptions that drive your financial projections (e.g., tax rates, currency exchange rates, etc.)
  • Custom Dashboards

Why Vanguard Financial Forecasting

It’s one thing to automate data management and forecasting. It’s another to capture and test your financial universe in a single, unified system. Vanguard Predictive Planning for Financial Forecasting software does just that, bringing various organizations into seamless collaboration for shared risk and financial management.

It’s a lot more than cost and revenue forecasting:

  • Intuitive interface streamlines what-if testing, data visualization, and reporting to drive home key findings.
  • Executive functionality includes instantaneous rollups of products, geographies, and divisions for consolidated forecasts. Get a corporate-wide view of sales, cash flow, profit-and-loss, balance sheets, and custom reports.
  • Advanced analytics combine seasonality, product-life cycle effects, and statistically-tested assumptions for the most accurate pro forma possible.

Try all of that with a spreadsheet!

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Our collaborative, web-based forecasting applications unite roles, teams and departments in achieving the most accurate forecasts in the world – bar none.