Budgeting and Planning Software

Vanguard Predictive Planning for budgeting and planning software ensures that your organization is focused on reliable budget data, not on who has the latest version or whose version is most accurate.

Advanced Analytics Meets Automation

Vanguard Predictive Planning for budgeting and planning software simplifies what-if testing, data visualization, reporting, and roll-ups for consensus forecasting and multi-team enterprise planning. The module combines advanced-analytic capabilities (seasonality, product life-cycle, etc.) with powerful automation to deliver an essential tool for business users across the enterprise. Unmatched workflow and tracking features bring together projections from various teams and groups for multi-team and multi-plan collaboration.

budgeting and planning software

  • User-centric design ensures optimum forecast methodology, visual display, and exportability
  • Web-based architecture unites multiple teams on a single platform for exceptional transparency and collaboration
  • Plugs in to any core enterprise system for complete, seamless integration
  • Consolidates and manages all financial data on one platform for all budgeting, planning, and forecasting needs
  • Unlimited what-if analyses of short- and long-term financial goals and decisions
  • Automates data management, forecasting, and reporting in real time

Seamless, Multi-Plan Integration

  • Set guidance: create financial targets and budgets that link to sales and demand forecast
  • Automate conversions: break down high-level targets and budgets into lower-level forecasts, and revenue targets into unit-demand forecasts, automaticall
  • Share and compare: include an unlimited number of plans (executive targets, financial budgets, sales plans, annual operating plans (AOP) etc.

Gap Analysis

  • Reports and analysis to visualize how and why forecasts and plans are different
  • Ability to slice and dice data by any attribute (e.g., gaps by business units, geography, product line, etc.

Consensus Forecasting

Building consensus among demand leaders in sales & marketing and supply leaders in manufacturing, procurement, and logistics is critical to the S&OP process. The budgeting and planning software module features built-in workflows and advanced reporting capabilities that enable integrated, multi-team forecasting and planning for demand, supply and complete S&OP processes.

Let your teams automate and integrate budgeting processes without relying on IT.  Let users focus on data and transparency rather than on protecting “their version of the truth.

  • Pre-built application
  • Excel-like user interface
  • Advanced budget analysis
  • Driver-based planning, break-backs, cross-department, and more
  • Complete version history with extensive audit trail
  • Permission-based access level
  • Business process-based workflow with alerts and notification

Why Vanguard Predictive Planning for Budgeting and Planning

Vanguard Software’s approach to financial planning is based on two unique abilities:

  • Tight integration of budgeting and forecasting processes
  • Multi-plan capability – multiple departments can share and compare forecasts and plan

Most organizations begin each budget cycle with the previous period’s budget. They make adjustments based on high-level goals and set allocations from a top-down view of needs. Vanguard is different. Our process begins with an objective, statistical forecast and can ultimately integrate a complete platform of enterprise planning capability.

You gain three distinct advantages:

  • Begin each budget cycle with the most accurate financial projection possible – drawn from rigorous statistical analysis
  • Manage to budget with optimal efficiency based on a complete understanding of the trends, seasonal patterns, outliers, product life-cycle effects, and other factors that shape your projections
  • Integrate Budgeting with other Vanguard modules for sales and operations planning, or to drive your entire Integrated Business Planning (IBP) or S&OP process

Check out Vanguard Cash Flow Forecasting and Vanguard Government Cash Flow Forecasting for Departments of Transportation (DOT) and other state agencies:

Cash Flow Forecasting

Govt. Cash Flow Forecasting


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Vanguard Software Applications

Our collaborative, web-based forecasting applications unite roles, teams and departments in achieving the most accurate forecasts in the world – bar none.