Vanguard System

Vanguard System is knowledge-centric rather than data-centric. In addition to history, it captures management estimates and functional knowledge from throughout the organization to synthesize rigorous and realistic business models. This emphasis on knowledge focuses support on strategic decision making.

As a client solution, Vanguard System gives you access to a dynamic and collaborative work environment with best-in-market tools for modeling and simulation, application development, and predictive analytics. From any device anywhere in the world, you and your authorized suppliers and customers can exchange secure, real-time info on material availability, demand estimates, and other vital intel that strengthens your shared value chain.

  • Synthesize inputs from multiple remote users in real time – anywhere, any browser or device.
  • Run exhaustive simulations faster than any competitor – 1,500 times faster than spreadsheets and virtually unlimited speed with Vanguard Grid Computing.
  • Funnel outputs directly into existing ERP systems.
  • Tap source data directly to eliminate spreadsheet cut-and-paste, manual processing, errors, version confusion, and static reports.
  • Promote adoption of highly intuitive interface, time-saving automation, dynamic reporting options (dollars, units, etc.), and minimal required software or statistics knowledge.
  • Monitor crystal-clear audit trail to easily manage user access, assumption changes, and proposals.
  • Let world-class advanced analytics determine the optimal statistical method for each forecast, or select an override to reflect foreknowledge not present in your data.
  • Flag and factor assumption biases and bias migrations over time.
  • Drill down through line items to reveal forecast assumptions in micro detail.
  • Roll up data for innumerable macro views. Slice and dice across units, orders, customers, folders etc.
  • Forecast demand for new, mature and inter-stage products.

Vanguard’s Decision Tree Analysis add-on helps you extract the optimum course of action from business uncertainty using classic decision-tree analysis and Markov simulation.

  • How much inventory do we stock or build given uncertain sales forecasts?
  • Do we litigate or settle out of court?

In helping determine the best action, decision trees illustrate an elegant framework of all options relevant to your decision, consequence probabilities, and outcome values. Once you’ve modeled a decision, Vanguard analyzes your tree to help you understand and communicate the risks involved.

  • Specify your personal risk aversion when analyzing decision models.
  • Generate a risk profile graph or table to illustrate all possible outcomes and probabilities.
  • Calculate the value of foresight (value of perfect information) automatically to determine how much to spend on market or other research to refine your assumptions.

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Vanguard Software Applications

Our collaborative, web-based forecasting applications unite roles, teams and departments in achieving the most accurate forecasts in the world – bar none.