Business Analytics Suite

Spreadsheets by themselves fall short of enterprise-scale modeling. But they remain effective tools when combined with an integrated and fully scalable modeling solution. That’s how we designed Business Analytics Suite, to give professional modelers surpassing advantages in decision support, visual modeling and simulation while integrating familiar tools.

Studio’s hierarchical tree interface makes it easy to apply the Divide and Conquer concept to problem-solving. That is, to solve a complex problem you simply divide it into two or more simpler components. To solve these component problems, you apply the same process again, breaking them down into still finer elements. The result is a hierarchical tree.

Like spreadsheets, Vanguard trees are essentially networks of user-defined formulas that can be built for almost any purpose. Unlike spreadsheets, Vanguard automatically constructs a diagram that matches the logical structure of your model. This is a key benefit that makes it easier for you to tackle complex, ill-structured problems.

Vanguard’s tree structure not only provides a great way to solve business problems, it also provides a great way to present your analysis to others. With Vanguard, your models are inherently outlined. The root node represents the solution you seek and each branch provides increasingly detailed information about how that solution is derived. This feature makes it easy for someone who is unfamiliar with your model to quickly understand its function.

Vanguard quantum leaps the competition in automated intelligence. A key example is forecast method selection. Our system preselects the optimal forecasting method (and method parameters) for your particular data. Other features that combine advanced analytics with automation include:

  • Outlier Rejection to reduce the effects of inconsistent data
  • Level-shift Detection to account for changes in underlying business conditions
  • In-sample Testing to evaluate competing methods
  • Fourier Spectral Analysis to identify seasonal patterns and business cycles

Vanguard’s Forecast Wizard guides you through all aspects of preparing a forecast. This includes importing historical data, finding the best forecast methods and preparing output reports. Forecasts can run automatically (Vanguard chooses the best forecast method and parameters), semi-automatically (you choose the method and Vanguard chooses the optimal method-specific parameters), or manually (you choose the method and parameters).
Vanguard’s Batch Forecast Wizard prepares forecasts automatically for thousands of items at a time. The Batch Forecast Wizard is both extraordinarily fast and accurate.

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Our collaborative, web-based forecasting applications unite roles, teams and departments in achieving the most accurate forecasts in the world – bar none.