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Sales forecasting is no easy task, especially for organizations with insufficient tools at their disposal. Combined with a strong sales strategy and process, Vanguard IBP for Sales Forecasting software enables your organization to make more accurate and informed strategic decisions and determine how to best allocate resources.

  • Improved financial health
  • Improved human capital management
  • Optimized marketing spend
  • Enhanced production management
  • Closed loop with S&OP process

Keystone to Enterprise Planning

Vanguard IBP for Sales Forecasting software helps predict demand for products and services so you can improve production scheduling, inventory management, logistics, and financial planning. Deploy it as a stand-alone system or as an integrated part of your ERP system.

Interact with Sales Forecasting via an easy-to-use, web interface. Leverage best-possible statistical forecast methods with real-time insight entered directly by sales teams, marketing staff, or anyone with specific knowledge not in the historical data. The result is better forecasts that help decrease waste while improving service levels, reputation, customer loyalty, and your bottom line.


Vanguard IBP for Sales Forecasting software is part of our business planning platform, collaborative, cloud-based solution that unites roles, teams, and departments in achieving the most accurate forecasts in the world – bar none.

  • Produce the best possible forecasts including trend, seasonality, business cycle, promotion, product supersession, competitor action, and other effects.
  • Synthesize inputs from multiple remote users in real time and from any device to increase detail and buy-in.
  • Run exhaustive simulations faster than any competitor.
  • Integrate outputs directly with existing ERP systems.
  • Tap source data directly to eliminate spreadsheet cut-and-paste, manual processing, errors, version confusion, and static reports.
  • Promote adoption — highly intuitive interface, time-saving automation, dynamic reporting options (dollars, units, etc.), and minimal required software or statistics knowledge.
  • Monitor a crystal-clear audit trail to easily manage user access, assumption changes and proposals.
  • Let world-class advanced analytics determine your optimal statistical method for each forecast, or select an override to reflect foreknowledge not present in your data.
  • Monitor accuracy and forecast performance over time.
  • Drill down through line items to reveal forecast assumptions in micro detail.
  • Roll up data for innumerable macro views. Slice and dice across products, customers, regions, etc.
  • Forecast demand for products in new, growth, and mature stages.Integrates with Vanguard Forecast Server’s complete IBP / S&OP platform.
  • Integrates with Vanguard Software’s complete IBP / S&OP platform.

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Our collaborative, web-based forecasting applications unite roles, teams and departments in achieving the most accurate forecasts in the world – bar none.