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Forecast Server™ for S&OP

Sales Forecasting S&OP software that automates your team's forecasting efforts. Easily collaborate, add key insights, apply advanced analytics, and report consensus results.
  • Direct integration with all your systems.
  • Build what-if scenarios quickly.
  • Non-forecasters input only the information that matters.

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) success hinges upon developing accurate demand forecasts. Without these trustworthy forecasts, S&OP falters and opens companies to risk. Leading companies, according to Aberdeen, view spreadsheets as a danger to their S&OP process. Spreadsheets are difficult to manage, time-consuming, and don’t support a collaborative approach.

With our S&OP software, you not only get advanced analytics, but the communication tools that drive business performance. Forecast Server was built for collaboration by our supply chain management and technology experts. Our S&OP software centralizes your forecasts in a server, enabling new levels of connectivity:

  • Data is always fresh. The server houses our best-in-class forecasting engine. It pulls data automatically from your systems so forecasts are reliably up-to-date.
  • Work from one forecast. Your entire S&OP team accesses the same forecast globally via a web browser. They work from the same forecast to make adjustments, propose changes, and conduct what-if scenarios.
  • Incorporate insights from more key people, easily. Traditional forecasting processes could not incorporate all key insights from knowledgeable staff—forecasting was often was seen as too technical and remote. With Forecast Server for S&OP, any member of your organization will find it intuitive to add just the information they know about. The software does all the work. You can control individual or group access so you can customize what they are able to change.
  • Build and share what-if scenarios on the fly. When your S&OP team asks, “What if….”, they can answer the question quickly with our S&OP software. Our clients love how simple and fast it is to test different scenarios and see the impact from overall forecast all the way to SKU-level forecasts. Reach consensus faster with real-world analysis of all scenarios.

Our team works with you closely to fit Forecast Server to the way your company works. Every S&OP process is unique. Shouldn’t your software reflect this?

Other Business Benefits

  • Work fast with our easy-to-use interface. We fit the web-based interface to your reporting needs. It’s easy to find, sort, and pivot data by group, family, SKU, location, etc. Your sales team will appreciate how simple it is to enter assumptions and overrides. Operations will like the automated statistical forecasts and forecast adjustment options.
  • Speak a common language. Sales thinks in dollars, but operations thinks in units. We combine the two. Dollarize your forecasts and roll-ups for your sales team, then switch back to unit-level forecasts for operations. Avoid disagreements and confusion.
  • Ensure transparency. Know why, when, where, and who made changes. Every change or proposed change to the forecasts is time-stamped and documented.
  • Close the loop by pushing finished forecasts to other supply chain systems.
  • Get started quickly. The server architecture ensures speedy, reliable implementation. Within an average of three months, we can have Forecast Server up and running, saving you headaches and potential millions of Dollars.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your S&OP process.


Create custom dashboards of the data that matters most to you. Build dashboards quickly and easily with a few clicks. Drag and drop dashboard items wherever you wish.

Forecast Server finds the best forecast method to fit your historical data automatically. You can apply a wide variety of special filters, overrides, and adjustment models.

Forecast Server builds reports on-demand to help you visualize your forecasts, understand portfolio effects, and see the impacts of hypothetical scenarios.

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