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Forecast Server™ for S&OP

Sales Forecasting Effective forecasting requires effective enterprise collaboration. So, communication and workflow are as integral to the total solution as are analytics. This is a balance that most providers still fail to deliver. It’s also why Vanguard Software is the fastest growing forecast-system provider in the industry.
  • Direct integration with all your systems.
  • Build what-if scenarios quickly.
  • Non-forecasters input only the information that matters.

Real-time, Enterprise Collaboration

We understand that connected workforces invariably share – and factor – more data for a bigger, clearer picture (think of promotions, cannibalization, competitor actions, phase-outs). This is especially true for S&OP, where even the best data are noise if not properly orchestrated. That’s why we focus on continually improving both horizontal and vertical collaboration. Our success depends on your ability to bridge silos and promote a listen-up-and-out culture. Put simply, collaboration fosters buy-in, rigor, and smarter enterprise planning.

Analytic Power

Our in-house, supply-chain-management experts designed the backbone of our S&OP solution. It stands apart in applying the most exhaustive analytical modeling available. Consequently, our clients are achieving the most accurate forecasts possible.

One Forecast Server™,multiple collaborators:

  • Tap source data directly. Say bye to data dumps and spreadsheet copy-and-paste. Forecast Server pulls straight from your sources, eliminating manual processing, errors, version control issues, and static data. Completed forecasts can then loop directly into your existing ERP system.
  • Drive adoption. Across departments, all users have come to expect an intuitive interface, time-saving automation and relevant reporting (dollars, units, etc.).
  • Exploit internal insight. Our hosted environment and easy-to-use web interface open the forecast to multiple direct contributors – anytime, anywhere, on any browser or device. Automated options require minimal training and almost no statistics experience. Authorized users may alter assumptions, view exceptions, propose changes, build reports, and create “what-if” scenarios using click-and-drop tools, all with a crystal-clear audit trail.
  • Lay bare the process Assign individual or group responsibility for assumptions, groups, families, SKUs, etc. Know who made changes, when, where, and why and explain with certainty how your particular forecast came together.
  • Zero in. Create and share focused-view dashboards for focused-view contributors. Click down into any line item to reveal and review forecast components (sales, sales by item, sales by group or location, inventory, liabilities, taxes, EBIT, EBITDA, depreciation, etc.).
  • Access power. Server-based computing steps beyond your desktop capabilities. Mix and match virtually unlimited groups for unlimited rollups – no delay.


Create custom dashboards of the data that matters most to you. Build dashboards quickly and easily with a few clicks. Drag and drop dashboard items wherever you wish.

Forecast Server finds the best forecast method to fit your historical data automatically. You can apply a wide variety of special filters, overrides, and adjustment models.

Forecast Server builds reports on-demand to help you visualize your forecasts, understand portfolio effects, and see the impacts of hypothetical scenarios.

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